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About On Call Communications

On Call Communications is a leading provider of IP based mobile satellite solutions.  Since the early 1990's we have been providing video, voice, fax, and internet communications for both short term and permanent installations throughout the world.  Over the years our services have evolved from sending satellite engineers out into the field to setup and to operate large fly away systems supporting events such as phone call home services for our troops during the first Gulf War to press pool communications during NATO operations in Bosnia to installing international long distance voice services to destinations throughout South America, Africa and Asia.



Today our mobile communications systems still provide video, voice, fax and data services over QuickSPOT IP based, automated systems.  These compact systems are compatible with any IP application and can be easily operated by non-technical personnel. 



We worked together with Panamsat, now Intelsat, to develop the revolutionary QuickSPOT On Demand bandwidth service.  This service allows customers to access dedicated (SCPC) satellite space on demand, without scheduling in advance.  Why is dedicated space so important?  With a dedicated link, service never slows down as other users come into the network because each user receives a unique frequency.  This makes QuickSPOT an ideal solution for video, secure networks and high quality voice calls.



 The result is a complete hardware and service solution which allows for full automation.  With the push of a single button the antenna sets up, aligns itself and the baseband system logs into the QuickSPOT IP network ready to launch your communications application. 


With the development of the automated systems, our engineers no longer travel much.  Today they focus on designing user friendly satellite systems, customizing client networks, applying the latest developments in satellite and IP technologies for our QuickSPOT customers and providing world class technical support. 



On Call offers 24-hour coverage to the entire United States through QuickSPOT On Demand as well as full time service for the Caribbean, Central and South America, Europe, and Africa.  On Call has teleport facilities in Hawaii expanding our coverage to Asia, Oceania and the Pacific Rim.  Operating its own satellite network control centers on the East and West Coasts, On Call specializes in mobile satellite applications and network restoration.



On Call is proud to have provided communications equipment and services for ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Cox Communications, Time Warner Cable, the Discovery Channel, AT & T, FEMA, White House Communications Agency, US Army/Navy/Air Force/Marine Corps and others. 

WEAU-TV (Eau Claire, WI) Showcases their new QuickSPOT™ system to SBE Chapter

On September 3rd, Todd Ritchie and Ron Viste of WEAU (Eau Claire, WI) hosted Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) Chapter 112 of Western Wisconsin for their annual steak picnic, which provided a great opportunity for the station to showcase their new QuickSPOT vehicle.