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Are you looking for a solution to give you incredibly reliable live news coverage?


If live news coverage is a major component of your strategy to compete, we have solutions you'll want to explore. 


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QuickSPOT SNG solutions get you on air fast with more features and more flexibility than any other option.

QuickSPOT DSNG Satellite News Gathering Vehicle with 1.2m antennaBe on Air Faster

Automation saves time. On Call's automated SNG systems can be easily operated by non-technical personnel. Press the start button and the auto-acquire system will have you on air within about five minutes of deployment.


College football games broadcast over QuickSPOT DSNG Satellite News Gathering SystemQuickSPOT DSNG Systems are great for sports and special events too. 


High quality SD and HD video encoders and affordable hourly rates for pre-scheduled events let you enjoy the ease of QuickSPOT systems at any venue.

96 cm auto-deploy satellite antenna for standard definition satellite news gatheringHD or Standard Definition Satellite News Gathering Systems

Fujitsu MPEG-4 Video Encoding


Broadcast quality Standard Definition MPEG-4 systems also feature Fujitsu video encoders.  With SD and HD functionality, you'll get great picture quality now and and easy future migration to HD when the time is right.  The SD MPEG-4 package includes an SD-SDI video input monitor,  an IFB compatible Voice over IP system and internet access.

Haiti remote editing room and mobile office for CBS NewsMobile Office Solutions

In addition to top quality video, QuickSPOT integrates mobile office solutions into the SNG system such as IFB compatible voice lines and internet access for email, FTP and online research. 

WEAU-TV (Eau Claire, WI) Showcases their new QuickSPOT™ system to SBE Chapter

On September 3rd, Todd Ritchie and Ron Viste of WEAU (Eau Claire, WI) hosted Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) Chapter 112 of Western Wisconsin for their annual steak picnic, which provided a great opportunity for the station to showcase their new QuickSPOT vehicle.