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When the Story Matters... KNOW You're Live

When KKTV (Colorado Springs) topped the ratings during the epic wildfires in 2012 and 2013, they had a secret weapon.  

What was their secret?


In the midst of the worst fire to ever impact the city of Colorado Springs, KKTV  delivered 130 hours of live, continuous coverage to the community from areas where they typically would not be able to get a signal out.   The fires presented a particular challenge to report  as the firefighting efforts were concentrated in the hills and canyons around Colorado Springs making it challenging to deliver live signals.

An automated satellite solution from On Call Communications gave KKTV an unfair advantage over their competition with their ability to deliver live coverage from the hard to reach areas.   KKTV is using 3G/4G aggregation encoders and combining them with QuickSPOTTM, a mobile, automated satellite solution that gives them on demand satellite Internet service.  The service provides a dedicated satellite link that delivers high quality, stable video streams when microwave is unavailable or 3G coverage is unreliable.  This combination creates a very simple to use and efficient solution that allows the station's photographers to cover stories.

Would that advantage make a difference in your markets?  If you observe that you are losing live shots becauseGray_TV_Satellite_web2.jpg:

  • You can't get cellular or microwave coverage in some areas
  • You are competing with other media for cellular bandwidth on big stories
  • You don't have adequate satellite resources or operators to meet all your live news needs


It may be time to look at a simple, IP satellite solution to boost reliability.  The team at On Call Communications is ready to help you evaluate satellite solutions that help you:


  • Know with confidence, that your live shots will come through
  • Cure lost shot headaches with a reliable, easy to integrate backup solution to cellular and microwave
  • Trump the competition with the most extensive live shot capabilities in your market.

royal_flush.jpgIf you are interested in IP for your newsgathering, we can help you evaluate your options for adding IP satellite functionality in a manner that best fits your workflows and budget. 


Get your free white paper, "Why Take Chances on Your Live Shots? How Combining Satellite and 3G Technologies Eliminates Network Contention and Reliability Issues in the Sky and on the Ground".

WEAU-TV (Eau Claire, WI) Showcases their new QuickSPOT™ system to SBE Chapter

On September 3rd, Todd Ritchie and Ron Viste of WEAU (Eau Claire, WI) hosted Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) Chapter 112 of Western Wisconsin for their annual steak picnic, which provided a great opportunity for the station to showcase their new QuickSPOT vehicle.