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Secure Skies Commercial Satellite Internet Service

Secure Skies delivers secure, commercial class satellite Internet service specifically for business applications. As your primary or backup communications link, or your high reliability backup solution, Secure Skies gives you fast, reliable connections for all your communications needs.

How Can You Use Secure Skies?

  • Primary communications for remote/rural operationsconstruction_worker_Small.jpg
  • Portable satellite Internet
  • Hot standby backup for phones, Internet, video, data
  • True diverse route
  • Mobile communications
  • SCADA monitoring

Who Uses Secure Skies?

  • Construction sites
  • Utility companies
  • Mining companies
  • Corporate data centers
  • Public safety agencies
  • First responders
  • Oil and gas sites
  • Media corporations

What Types of Service are Available?

Choose from a variety of data rates and four differnt ways to purchase access.



















Full Time Service

Unlimited satellite Internet access for a flat monthly fee, a good choice for remote locations where no other service is available. Ideal for remote sensing, file-transfers, or high volume customers.

Continuity of Service (CoS)

Designed as a hot standby backup service or a great option for mobile applications where you only need occasional acces.

Unlimited access, a good choice for remote locations where no other service is available. Ideal for remote sensing, file-transfers, or high volume customers. Get unlimited satellite Internet acces during the time period. No data throughput caps!

Daily Plans

A daily unlimited-use access plan for: disaster recovery, first responders, special events (sports, concerts, festivals, conventions, etc.), short-term remote monitoring and surveillance, scheduled outages, temporary telephone restoral, ATMs, etc.
One day of service per month is included in the base service offering. Access and billing are automatic, no Client intervention is required to access additional hours. Unused days accrue up to a total of six days.

Hourly Plans

Service by the hour for short term events or hot standby backup systems. The most flexible way to get just a little bit of time whenever, wherever you need it.


Includes 12 hours of service. Additional hours may be purchased as needed on a postpaid basis. Access and billing are automatic, no Client intervention is required to access additional hours. Unused hours DO NOT roll over to future months. However, maximum monthly usage charge applies.


Throughput Based Plans

For very occasional use, the most economical plan for a backup system. Pay by the GB for the throughput you use. A modest monthly fee provides for monthly system testing, ongoing monitoring of your network and instant access to critical communications when needed.

What Makes Secure Skies Different From Ordinary Satellite Networks?

  • high_speed_train_Small.jpg
  • Unlimited Internet access plans. We have dozens of NO DATA CAP plans on our network. And we do not throttle your data usage.
  • Choose how you want to buy time and how you want to access it. Flat fee, time based or throughput usage plans are simple to understand.
  • Enhance security with the option to contain your communications within your own private network. With our MESH capability you can route your communications directly between your sites without ever having to connect through a third party hub.
  • Customer support from a team of support engineers who work exclusively with enterprise clients.
  • Customize your system for your specific needs. We treat your project with the care and detail you do.

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WEAU-TV (Eau Claire, WI) Showcases their new QuickSPOT system to SBE Chapter December-16-2013 December-16-2013

Society of Broadcast Engineers Picnic featuring QuickSPOT SNG satellite system
On September 3rd, Todd Ritchie and Ron Viste of WEAU (Eau Claire, WI) hosted Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) Chapter 112 of Western Wisconsin for their annual steak picnic, which provided a great opportunity for the station to showcase their new QuickSPOT vehicle.  

Tim Jackson from On Call Communications was on hand to describe the system and provide an overview of the On Call QuickSPOT product, which greatly simplifies the process and increases affordability for satellite news gathering.  SBE members representing other stations from the LaCrosse/Eau Claire DMA were able to see for the first time how a hybrid TVU/satellite on-demand system can increase news coverage capabilities at a fraction of the cost of a traditional satellite news gathering vehicle.Get reliable, dedicated  high speed satellite Internet uplinks anywhere with QuickSPOT  

“We are thrilled to have recently rolled out our new QuickSPOT vehicle and look forward to getting our news crews comfortable with the simplicity and flexibility of the hybrid TVU/satellite system.  We are the only station in the market that won’t be limited by cellular and microwave limitations,” says Ron Viste of WEAU.  

Society Broadcast Engineers learns how to use their bonded cellular backpack over an IP satellite linkOn Call’s Tim Jackson states, “we were pleased to be part of SBE Chapter 112’s meeting and to show others in the market the features, benefits and simplicity of the QuickSPOT system.  We’re proud to support WEAU as the market leader in the LaCrosse-Eau Claire market as they greatly expand their newsgathering capabilities.”

On Call Supports CBS News Teams Live in Haiti Using QuickSPOT Satellite News Gathering Systems June-15-2010

On Call Communications sprung into action again in support of CBS News in Haiti providing live and taped video feeds, internet access and phone lines for their news teams covering the earthquake using the QuickSPOT satellite news gathering system.


 CBS News In Haiti uses QuickSPOT satellite news gathering system



On Call used the very portable QuickSPOT 96 centimeter fly and drive satellite news gathering antenna to establish a high speed internet pipe which CBS News crews used for their video and communications needs. The system transmitted both live and edited standard definition MPEG-4 video feeds for the producers in addition to establishing a mobile office complete with direct dial in/out phone lines and wireless internet access for email, web browsing and corporate communications .