Do I Really Need To Rent A Satellite Truck To Do A Webcast?

Not necessarily.  Save money and streamline your webstreaming productions  over IP satellite links using smaller, more portable VSAT antennas.  In fact, IP satellite options  offer significant advantages over the larger satellite trucks.

Portable VSAT Antenna for Satellite Internet
Portable VSAT Antenna for Satellite Internet

Encode your webcast directly from the venue. IP Satellite service allows you to encode your video for the web at your venue and send it directly to the content distributor.  This saves bandwidth, expense and latency.  With most satellite trucks, you would need to send MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 video at a higher bandwidth to a location which can decode the video and re encode it into a web format for delivery to the CDN (Content Distribution Network.)  IP satellite allows you to eliminate the middle step.

Webcasting or webstreaming video usually requires less satellite bandwidth than broadcast MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 video.  That means you can use a smaller antenna or lower power transmitters than a satellite truck typically carries.

Fly away or other portable VSAT antennas can accomplish the job and are easily transported to your webcast location.  This is especially convenient for more getting satellite IP connectivity to remote venues like mountain concert locations or beach surfing events where you want to bring connectivity all the way to the sand.

Automated satellite antennas can save a lot of money too since they can frequently be operated by the production team without having to hire a satellite operator to setup and supervise the equipment.   The daily rental cost is significantly less than a satellite truck rental.  Pre-configuring and testing  the complete webstream path in advance of the event helps ensure a successful production on an automated system.



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