Information is Distraction?

A bold statement, followed by a complaint about too much time spent on iphones, got me thinking. In the “information age” am I better off or am I just more distracted?

Sure, there are a million ways I could be distracted: an endless stream of useless Tweets rolling through my Android or hundreds of pages of Will and Kate gossip and commentary about M.I.A. flipping the bird at the Superbowl. But is that really what the information age is all about?

After all, we are in the information business. For me it takes the form of satellite but it’s really all about the info. Knowledge is power and now that power is convenient. How often have you saved hours of research with a simple Google search? Honestly, it seems like cheating when my kids get to use Google for their homework but, in the “real world” that’s how we live now too. When I think about all the times I get to genuinely help people with information, I feel good. Just last year we had the privilege of helping FEMA provide needed assistance after Irene’s floods, we got to connect people with their communities with live news reports after the Joplin tornadoes and we got to unite paintball fans around the world watch a sport event not previously telecast. Sometimes the information is really important and sometimes it’s just good fun.

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