Tornadoes Take Communities By Surprise; On Call Communications Mobilizes Satellite Internet And Phones

The tornadoes striking Alabama last week took residents by surprise but On Call Communications was prepared to assist the communities with emergency satellite communications.   On Call and several of its customers mobilized quickly upon news of the disaster to begin restoring communications services and providing relief crews with vital phone and internet services.

The Federal Government has been deploying many Mobile Disaster Recovery Centers equipped with On Call’s QuickSPOT™ automated satellite system.  The system provides  IP satellite service which can be used for internet access, networking, voice and fax lines.   On Call provides satellite space and technical support for the deployments.

Corporate disaster recovery teams are also relying on On Call’s QuickSPOT™ system to restore downed communications lines in the affected areas.

The QuickSPOT™ IP satellite network is different from shared satellite service networks in that it provides dedicated satellite space for clients to operate on.  Demand for satellite space peaks immediately following emergency situations as public and private users compete for available satellite space.  QuickSPOT™ clients don’t have to worry about network congestion; their dedicated links guarantee them the needed satellite space until they release it, ensuring that their applications run as quickly and as smoothly during critical responses as they did on low demand training days.  Additionally, On Call’s  dynamic bandwidth pool allows additional space to be made available as demand increases.  There is no finite limit on the bandwidth available to QuickSPOT™ clients.

On Call’s support team is proud to be able to assist the affected communities and the dedicated men and women in the field restoring service and providing assistance to the victims of the storm.

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