Why Do We See Satellite Webcasting Tripling In The Next Year?

Satellite webcasting is hot! Fueled by explosive growth in online video and video on demand, what is driving this phenomenal growth?

Leading the charge, the youth of America are adopting online TV in huge numbers.  A Retrovo report discovered that a whopping 29% of the under 25 crowd get all or most of their TV online.  ( Read more: cnet.com) But online video isn’t just for kids, with so many devices and so much online video content to choose from, PC’s, laptops, phones, tablets and Ipods are all delivering video that used to belong exclusively to TV.

Ironically, this growing demand for online TV and online video drives the trend of online content moving back to the TV.   According to research firm Display Search, in 2010, 21% of all the TVs that were sold came with an Internet connection.  By 2014 they estimate that more than 50% of all televisions in the marketplace will offer Web services.

live surfing satellite webcasting
Live webcast audiences are moving to Internet enabled TV’s

Live webcasting content is growing in popularity too.  You don’t have to look hard to see the evidence of demand for live webcast events.  Enter into your search engine the name of any major sports apparel or energy drink company and “webcast” and you’ll find live webcast events.  Most of them delivered free thanks to sponsor dollars.  Its easy to understand how the live webcasts draw in young fans and why they want to watch them on the big screen from the comfort of the family room couch.

Satellite webcasting enriches live event content by making commercial grade internet access available virtually anywhere.  High quality, dedicated bandwidth is what makes it possible for production companies need to deliver their content back to the CDN for worldwide distribution.

Triple Digit Growth in Satellite Webcasting

From our perch here in the satellite industry we’ve seen webcast related revenues triple since 2009 and with a significant growth recently.  Webcasters are getting more sophisticated in their production and delivery.  Its now common to deliver webstreaming video in multiple formats ranging from iphones to HD.

No doubt about it.  From snow covered slopes to sandy shores and everywhere in between, dedicated IP satellite service delivers the live webstreams viewers love.   Satellite webcasting is the hot growth industry.


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